artist statement & bio

I use a variety of collage, papier mache, fabrication, and watercolor/acrylic painting techniques to create two- and three-dimensional works that explore themes like color, geology, data science, and abstract personal expression.

As someone who is both technical and playful, I approach every new piece of art as an experiment with unusual materials/techniques to express a particular sentiment or idea; every piece becomes a serendipitous outcome, totally unexpected from the start of the work.

I deposit watercolors and fluid acrylics on layers of fibrous paper, which achieves a texture and vibrance that I could not achieve using any other materials. My canvas works can also be lit from behind (for instance: sitting in a window); the layers of colored paper create a subtle stained-glass effect. I also frequently add subtle metallic and glow pigmentation to paintings, meaning that the pieces glow in different ways under certain types of light.

I am a self-taught artist with a background in various kinds of engineering fabrication techniques, and I also work as a product & user experience designer for startups. My work is in private collections around the US. I currently live in Somerville, Massachusetts.